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Cultural Life

“I’ve seen many, many programs that don’t maintain any type of rich cultural and spiritual life.  It’s almost as though if people have handicaps, they don’t have a soul.  But they do.  At Plowshare Farm this is always understood and respected.” 

Mary Pat Baxter, Esq.
Parent and Advocate Attorney

Throughout the year we gather, both amongst ourselves and with the wider community for concerts, plays, festivals, Special Olympics and other sports events. We forge relationships of mutual respect, both with friends at Plowshare and with people in the wider community.

Our shared cultural life, especially celebrating the festivals of the year, warms and enlivens us.  The Shepherd’s Play, which we perform in Peterborough every December for a public audience, has become a joyous event eagerly anticipated each year both by members of the Plowshare community and our friends and neighbors in the wider community. The summer is a special time when our community works in the mornings, but our afternoons are devoted to outings, picnics, volleyball, canoeing, swimming, croquet, and other pleasures of the season. Talent shows, dances, sing-a-longs, and festivals in our local towns fill the evenings.  Many friends join us year after year for our much anticipated summer activities.

Both in the quiet of winter and the quickening of summer, at Plowshare Farm our cultural life is rich and fulfilling.