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Local Share by Plowshare Farm

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pfLocal Share is a coffee shop and cafe at 43 Main Street in downtown Wilton serving locally roasted, organic coffees and baked goods, founded and run by Plowshare Farm.

It is a store and gift shop selling goods made at Plowshare Farm, such as hand-dipped beeswax candles, gift items made from our wool, products from our organic bakery including granola and cookies, hand-dyed silks, hand-crafted toys, and goods made by other local crafters (including wool socks and slippers, pottery, fine art paintings, glass work, and more).

It is a craft studio where you can try your hand at seasonal crafts (like dipping candles and weaving on our looms).

And it is a community gathering space with a reading room and library downstairs.

Come on in and see what Local Share has to offer!

Find Local Share on Facebook and Google.