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Home Life

“I live here. It’s my home. I like going to work. I’m a builder. I carry wood. I’m a serious worker. It makes me happy.”

--Denis Penna, community member


The day begins with all household members sharing morning tasks including preparing breakfast, helping others with personal hygiene, hanging laundry, doing the farm chores, and more. Breakfast is a time to share not only our morning meal but also our thoughts, dreams, and plans for the day. Mealtime is one aspect of creating a social life rich in friendships and loving support. While breakfast and dinner take place in our homes, we come together at lunchtime to share a warm meal and visit with friends and neighbors.

At the end of the day we return from our work, share the evening meal, and relax with story-telling, playing games, music, reading, and enjoying the company of our extended family. For all of us home is a place of deep bonds, relaxing moments, and self-renewal.