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Lifesharing Householder

Lifesharing Householder | Plowshare Farm | Greenfield, NH

Plowshare Farm seeks candidates (could be an individual, couple, or a family) with the training and experience to take on the role of Householder in an extended-family household, including adults with special needs, in our anthroposophically-guided lifesharing community of 50 people in Greenfield, New Hampshire. Strong candidates will have a background in lifesharing (Camphill or other), Waldorf education, or Anthroposophy, and will have demonstrated success in prior householding roles. For people with a pioneer spirit and a desire to be of service in the world, Plowshare Farm offers an opportunity to homestead in community that is unique in our modern times.

About Plowshare Farm
Plowshare Farm is an attempt to be responsive to the social, human, spiritual and ecological challenges of our times. At Plowshare, people with a wide range of capabilities – including people with special needs – live and work side by side to build an inclusive and sustainable community. As an anthroposophically-based lifesharing community, we are innovators creating a model of social and ecological renewal.

Householder Roles and Responsibilities
Lifesharing is central to the being of our community. And central to the lifesharing model are the Lifesharing Householders who carry special responsibility for the care and wellbeing of everyone who lives in their household, the home itself (inside and out) and, together with others in the Holders Circle, the community as a whole. Our Householders carry extended family households that include people with developmental challenges, yearlong service volunteers, coworkers, and often children. Most Householders also carry a craft or work realm (such as the farm, garden, bakery, fiber arts studio, maintenance and repair, etc).

Householders carry responsibilities in all of these areas:
• Rhythm, Habit Life and Wellbeing
• Cooking and Nutrition
• Social and Festival Life
• Physical Care
• Care of the Home
• Community-Wide Awareness

We are looking for applicants with: enthusiasm for bringing out the best in others; striving toward a healthy, rhythmical lifestyle; openness to work out of an anthroposophically-informed understanding of the developing human being; good household skills including orderliness and financial management; desire to live and work in a spiritually striving community; some practical skill (mechanics/repair, farming, baking, fiber arts, woodwork, etc); and preferably at least one of the following: a background with the developmentally disabled, training in Social Therapy or Waldorf education, a foundational knowledge of Anthroposophy, or an artistic practice.

Coworker Benefits
Plowshare Farm respects and values family life. We offer a balanced lifestyle including meaningful work, time for oneself, generous vacation time (6 weeks per year), health insurance (with a monthly Health Savings Account contribution), a generous contribution toward Waldorf School tuition, and retirement contributions. We also offer tuition-free training in Social Therapy through the Camphill Academy.

Our Broader Community
Plowshare Farm is nestled in the woods of southern New Hampshire where there are thriving Waldorf Schools, adult education opportunities, an active Anthroposophical Society, and a beautiful natural environment. We are an hour and a half northwest of Boston.

To start a conversation, please email Service or call (603) 547-2547. More information about Plowshare Farm is available on our website at Visit this link for short videos about life at Plowshare: