Live well & Serve others! Plowshare Farm is looking for a family or individual to join us. Plowshare Farm is an Anthroposophically-based intentional community where we strive to care for the land and each other and to take financial concerns out of the equation in vocational choice.  We are about 40 people living in 6 homes of various sizes, including children, volunteers, coworkers and folks with special needs, who work side-by-side to create a warm, sustainable and nurturing environment.  Though we are quite stable both in our foundations and financially, there is room here for folks with a pioneer spirit to make a difference.

Requirements: Enthusiasm for bringing out the best in others, Striving toward a healthy, rhythmical lifestyle, Willingness to work out of an understanding of human development based on Anthroposophy, Good household skills including orderliness and financial management, Desire to live and work in a spiritually striving community, Some practical skill  (hand crafts, farming, baking, pottery, fiber arts, woodwork, mechanics etc.) and, preferably at least one of the following: a background with the developmentally disabled, training in Social Therapy or a foundational knowledge of Anthroposophy.

We strive to offer a balance




d lifestyle including meaningful work, time for oneself, adequate vacations (6 weeks per year), health care, contribution for Waldorf Education, compensation and retirement.  We respect and value family life.  We offer training in Social Therapy through the Camphill Academy.

Please complete our application, which can be downloaded here, and submit to Kimberly Dorn at